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Operating in several states in the South and Northeast, U.M. ARMY, Inc. has been in ministry since 1979. Our primary missional focus is responding to the needs of our neighbors. We also provide opportunities for youth, young adults, and adults to experience Christian growth through service to others. Participants combine their strengths and resources to meet home repair and maintenance needs for low income, elderly, and disabled homeowners who are physically or financially unable to make needed repairs themselves.

In 2007, Paulette opened her home to a team of U.M. ARMY highschoolers to work on her home in Massachusetts. Paulette had not been able to host her family in her home for years as many of them were wheelchair bound. The U.M. ARMY team built a ramp for her that week enabling her to host Christmas for the first time that year. Ten years later, a group from U.M. ARMY returned to that community and made some repairs on that very same ramp at Paulette's house. During a community dinner that week, she discovered that one of the team members from that first group ten years ago was also volunteering at that mission week! During a heartfelt reunion, Paulette shared that she was truly inspired by that team and the incredible work they did so many years ago. It changed her life.